Friday, June 30, 2017

If I only had a trailer

Not strictly boat building subject today but I've put together a little trailer for myself. Usually I end up borrowing my buddy Tim's or my Dad's trailer. We sold our Walker Bay dingy this spring (doubled my money) and was left with the trailer. What better thing to do than build a lil' flat bed on top of it!
The old dingy trailer
To try and keep things as simple as possible I used size lumber (minimizing cuts) and bolted the longitudinals to the trailer with steel straps. Four bolts and the whole thing reverts back to a boat trailer.
Decking on and PM coming to review the progress
I used pressure treated lumber and coated it with Thompson's Water Seal.
PM gives his Paw of Approval
 I looked at it and pondered long before deciding to put sides on the bed of the trailer. I think it'll make it a bit more useful for things other than dump runs.
Sides going on
Sides and front glued and screwed
Every board is fastened with 5 screws and PL Premium Construction Adhesive. That stuff is formidable! I don't think it'll be coming apart anytime soon.
All it needs now is a gate
The heavens opened up again, its our Monsoon Season. Boat shed is semi-flooded and I had to pack it in for the day. Will have a look later but I may have to relocate the tail lights.

It's not a heavy hauler. IIRC the max capacity is 800 lbs for the trailer. It'll be fine for boat supply runs and runs to the dump etc.

That's about it till thinks dry up a little bit and I can get back to boat work.


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