Monday, August 15, 2011

The last two

panels that I have to glass will be ready tomorrow morning and then the long table can come apart.

These are the fwd cabin top and foredeck. Doing these now upside down on the long table will avoid having to do them later and working overhead.

Glass laid out. I used up some more of the 33 oz stuff along the center of each. This is where there'll be cutouts for windlass and hatch etc. It'll be plenty strong (fingers crossed).

All glassed and epoxied. It went a lot better this time. Temps in the shed were 20 degs C. which gives plenty of working time to mix and roll out single handed.

I put some exaggerated curve into the panels to help them fit when they go on the forms. They'll spring back likely flat but some of the stress will be out of them when they go on.

Just like the disassembly of the "Tower of Pain & Suffering" I'm really looking forward to taking the long table apart. I've been looking forward to setting up the strongback and forms so I'll at least have something that looks like a boat.