Thursday, August 18, 2011

A lil' slow getting started

but I ended up spending 7 hrs in the shed today. After checking my levels and diagonals on the strongback numerous times I got to setting up the verticals that'll support the forms.

Not being very patient I just had to throw Frame E up to see how it looked!

All that nice open space I created when I cleaned up the shed is now gone! It's going to be tight but I'll have 2' on the south side and 3' on the workbench side as well as 1 1/2' at the bow and 2' at the transom to get around the boat. It would be nice to have more but this will have to do.

All of the forms line up on the baseline (B/L) which are already carved into the forms by the CnC machine. The tricky part is getting the baseline marked on all the verticals. I've got a number of options for doing this, liquid level, spirit level or laser level. I bought this small laser level just for this purpose and decided to use it. I set it up on the centerline at the B/L level. The tripod is too short and it'd just be in the way anyways.

I'll double check with a liquid level but I'm sure this will work fine.

I had a few more "WTF have I gotten Myself into moments today" especially when I was lining up this shot!

Maybe it's the tight space but this is going to be a pretty big boat.

Hope to get the remainder of the forms up on Saturday when my helper buddy is available. Standby....