Wednesday, May 22, 2013

He is the Master

and I am but the Grasshopper!

My friend, Peter Lenihan, came all the way from Montreal to help out in the boat shed today.

Here he is in his native habitat!

He couldn't even wait to switch into his work clothes before he grabbed hold of a sander and got right to work.

I think he became enamored with my air sander! 30 second video clip.

Plan A was to use the tail end of the 25 yard roll of fiberglass I bought to do the sides and transom. The roll was 1 1/2 yards short so we had to resort to Plan B which was to use some of the 22 oz Basalt fabric I've been saving.

Peter had never used a material like this before and was a little skeptical at first. Once we got it wetted out and the peel ply on it he started to think it might actually work! I knew better! *wink*

If it's one thing I learned today it's that preparation is everything. Mistakes that I let go at this stage will print through the cosmetic layer later. More time is needed on the sander to get everything right before we hang the cloth for the sides. We'll do that at a later date.

Again, here's the Master showing me the way to sanding nirvana!

Thank you Peter.

Your humble apprentice!