Sunday, May 12, 2013

Well, that didn't go as planned

But I got it done. All by myself. That wasn't smart. I figure this was a 3 person job.

11 yards of 33 oz fiberglass is a bugger to wet out. It takes a good 10 mins for the epoxy to soak it through. It was only about 60 degs F in the shed today. Another 10 degs would have made life easier.

It took me almost 11 hours to do the job from start to finish. This included fairing some areas I knew I was going to have some bridging issues. It went well till about midway when I ran out of room between the shelves and the boat for the step ladder. Had to do a fair size section from the top of the boat which meant a lot more ladder climbing. Not necessarily a bad thing, my blood sugar was in the normal range all day but boy am I tired and sore.

Onto prepping the other side for the same treatment. Should be easier to do there's more room to work around the boat on that side.

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