Thursday, May 16, 2013

Many hands make light work

My buddy Andrew N came over and gave me a hand glassing the second bottom panel. Start to finish took 6 hrs. I spent more time fairing the tape lines which prevented bubbles from forming as the heavy fabric bridged over the bumps etc.

The differences between my first bottom panel and this one are;

1. Extra hands mixing epoxy meant I didn't have to sprint up and down the ladder all day
2. Warmer. 70 Degs F is ideal for this type of work. It was 10 degs colder the first time
3. I was able to spend some more time on details and bust bubbles as I went
3. I wasn't rushed to get it done before I collapsed

I'll have to check my inventory but I'm pretty sure we used the same amount of epoxy. I stuck with the smaller roller this time and it was easier to control and get epoxy exactly where I wanted it. It busts bubbles as it goes as well. There's three more layers to put on the keel then I'll have a layer of 10 oz cloth to put on the bottom. That'll likely be the last step before prepping for paint. My buddy Peter is coming from Montreal next week and is hot to trot to help me fiberglass the sides. If we have enough epoxy left we just might be able to do that!

Shower time!