Sunday, June 16, 2013

A blessing and a curse

When we put the shed up we didn't have much storage space for some of the bigger items, seats, hot water heater etc. I put up a shelf along the south side of the shed to get some of these bigger items out of the basement.

You can see it on the upper left hand side of the picture above. All was well and fine till the boat started to shape up. I was left with about a foot of space between the hull and the shelf.

You can see the gap in the pic above. Not much room especially when you need to get the step ladder and my fat butt up there at this spot. Well as much as I need the shelf space it's got to come down.

So there you have it. Shelf-b-Gone! No more trying to squeeze my keg pack between the ladder and the shelf!  :-) That was it for this mornings workin's in the shed. Back to some sanding. Standby..