Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Well that was less than ideal

Went out to the shed to check the results of yesterdays workin's. I'd say it's a little disappointing.

The lighter spots are 'dry' (little or not 'nuff epoxy). I also noticed areas where the epoxy was bleeding through the peel ply.

I'm guessing that it was too cool in the shed yesterday and the epoxy had a chance to migrate (with the help of gravity) through the peel ply leaving the dry spots. There's more and larger dry spots up near the leading edge that are a bit of a concern. It was only about 60 Degs F in the shed and with the slow hardener I have the epoxy stayed soft a lot longer. Looks like I'll be spending some more quality time with my sander! *sigh*

The other side is on hold till it warms up just a little bit.