Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Screen Doors & The Whale

Been goofing off from boat building the last few days. The ole' screen door on the back of the house fell to pieces so I made a new one.

Being a lot poorer since I retired I picked through some of the scraps and offcuts from the boat project and cobbled up a screen door based on the old one. I knew it wasn't going to be a masterpiece, it just has to keep the cats in the house and the flies out (we're downwind from a cattle farm).

It turned out ok. Still needs a little trimming for a good fit and another coat of paint but being built with some high grade marine plywood it should last quite a long time.

I took some pics with my GoPro camera the other day. It's got a very wide angle lens so I was hoping to get a bigger picture of the boat (Whale) to illustrate it's size. Still, with the wide angle, I couldn't get it all in!

I'll likely video the results of the tear test this afternoon. I had a look at it yesterday and couldn't pull it off so I think its going to be a successful test. I'll probably have to hook up my 2500 lb electric winch to try and pull it off! Standby.