Tuesday, September 17, 2013

And the results are

pretty much what I expected. A few dry spots and a couple of bubbles that popped up over night. Nothing I can't fix or work with.

This shows a pretty good section.

I know it looks like a 'blue blob' like something out of an old horro movie! *lol* It's smooth and lump free. Some minor sanding is required where the peel ply overlapped but otherwise it's ready for fairing. Below are the two bubbles that showed up over night.
These occurred where two pieces of peel ply overlapped so I didn't see them. I'll cut the bubbles out and fill when I fair the sides.

It's been cool, 6 C last night, so the epoxy is still a little soft this morning. I'll leave the shed closed up and hopefully it'll get a full cure. It's still way too soft to sand or do anything else with. I'll wait for a little warmer weather later on this week to do the other side. Thanks for looking in.