Sunday, September 8, 2013

My ole' Grandpa

was a wise ole' fella. Always used to tell me: "Never trust a guy with a clean workshop, he's not busy 'nuff to be any good!" Yeah well that may well be true Grandpa but I just had to clean up my boat shed today. I made a heck of a mess building the sewing table & shelves so out comes R2D2 (Shop Vac) to clean up the sawdust. Working my way along the workbench I also found a few tools I had though long lost. :-)

So I sit there, taking a wee break and looking at my handiwork. Well sorta handiwork and ponder the enormity of the task I still have ahead of me. For one tired old fart, retired simple servant building this boat is a monumental effort. I hit it hard this summer, as much as the weather would allow and got quite a bit done but there's still a lot to do before I can flip this pig over. A thought pops into my head, something I remember from high school English class I think.

So I wrote that on the shed door. It seems a really negative thought but it will constantly remind me to to keep my eye on the prize. Knowing that after it's all said and done we'll have a boat something like this.

It'll be our escape vehicle. It'll have the range, endurance and amenities to take us where ever we want to go (hopefully someplace warm in the winter). It may not be the biggest or fanciest on the water but it will be ours and I will be able to proudly say to anyone that asks "I built it myself!"

Occasionally I look back through all the pictures of this project and for the life of me I can't remember doing half that stuff. It's kinda weird. I know I did that but I don't have any memories of doing it. I think it has to do with the scale & scope of this project and how much you're always thinking ahead of what needs to be done next, what needs to be done our bought for next week or next month or even next year. I see it all coming together in my head but there's no timeline associated with it. People ask me all the time: "When will it be done?" My standard answer is '2 years' but if it takes longer that's Ok. I want to take my time and make it nice. I really don't want to spend all this time, effort & money and have it coming out looking like a POS.

Ok that's 'nuff. I gotta go gather up clothes suitable to wear to work tomorrow. Thanks for looking in and standby....