Sunday, September 15, 2013

Twas the night before

Twas the night before Epoxy Day, when all through the boat shed,

Not a creature was stirring, not even a lazy ass'd ole' Tom Cat.

The fiberglass was hung on the boat sides with care, 

In hopes that St Epoxy soon would be there.

Oh Gawd someone help me. I think (know) I'm loosing it!  :-)

This is the 10 oz Satin Weave fiberglass I've mentioned so much. It is the layer that'll determine, for the most part, the cosmetic finish for the sides. The only time I've used it is when I did the transom and that didn't work out as easily as I had hoped. The sides are 8 times the size of the transom! There's real potential for a disaster here. I have to stay calm and work methodically in hopes of getting a good finish.

This is the glass hung on the other side. I hadn't smoothed out the wrinkles yet.

It should take about 4 gallons of epoxy and probably 8 hrs to roll this out barring any unforseen issues. This fabric likes to ball up in the roller so I have to take my time while wetting it out. I'll also be using peel ply on this final layer (again in hopes of saving some sanding) so it'll get a good squeegeeing too. 24 hours after that's done I'll know if all the extra effort I put into getting the underlying layers fair will have paid off. Standby...