Sunday, April 10, 2011

About to commit my first act of

EPOXY! Ohhhhhhh that wonderful sticky stuff that makes such a great mess! ;-)

Panels for cabin side prepped and lined up ready for the sticky stuff. I used the power planer to relieve the joints so the cloth would lay down in instead of standing proud of the surface. Hopefully this will eliminate some sanding. This type of joint has a name but I can't remember what it is.

I was a little nervous getting started but as soon as I got to it the butterflies went away. It was about 70 degs F in the boat shed so I had about 30 mins working time with the epoxy which was plenty. I used the dispenser gadget without the static mixer. I'll save those for larger jobs. It worked extremely well.

All clamped down. We'll find out tomorrow after work how successful I am.

As soon as I was finished the project foreman showed up to inspect my work. Just what I need, kitty hair in my epoxy!