Saturday, April 23, 2011

I wish Mother Nature

would get the seasons figured out! Sheez! Doesn't she know that epoxy just doesn't cure at 0 Deg C? C'mon now!

It's been slow this week. I managed to get a few panels put together and another taken apart and put back together (long story, don't ask).

This is one half of the main cabin roof. The two lighter panels are the cabin extension and the cockpit extension. Overall it's 16' 5" long! It'll have to be done in two halves.

Here I'm gluing up 5 splices at once. I'm learning as I go.

This is the forward cabin roof I did early in the week. Had to cut it in two and add in the piece I forgot! Doh! I hate grinding fiberglass! *scratch scratch* The nasty sh*t gets in places I forgot I had! ;-)