Friday, April 29, 2011

Well Blow Me Down....

or blow me away!

We're pretty lucky we don't get much really bad weather in this part of the world. My heart goes out to those down south recovering from the weather that's befallen them this week. We felt the tail end of the storms that caused so much devastation in the States. Anyhow it was blowing 60-70 MPH here yesterday and that's highly unusual for us. The plans I bought for the bow shed said 70 mph was the max for the design. I built it to plans and doubled the size of the stakes that went into the ground. Now I think that was a good idea. When I got home last night the shed was still standing but taking a pretty good beating from the 40+ MPH winds. It moved quite a bit and had blown the bottom of one of the big doors in. I backed the doors up with a 2x8 and tied the shed to my boat and my garden shed. If it takes flight now I'll have to go to Oz to get my lawnmower! ;-)

BZ to Stimson Marine for a great shed design.