Saturday, April 9, 2011

'Round and 'round we go

It was one of those days running around fetchin' stuff, gettin' rid of junk and ponderin'!

First was a trip to the UPS store to pick up 300 lbs of fiberglass!

Luckily the nice fella's who sold it to me were good 'nuff to split it into 4 equal lengths of 12.5 yds each. This stuff is heavy, 33oz sq/yd Vectorply Triaxial fabric. This plus a layer of 10 oz plain weave will cover the bottom of the boat. It cuts my cost virtually in half. If it works ok I'll buy 'nuther 50 yds for the inside.

The next trip was to visit a fellow boat builder who had 4 sheets of 1/4" marine ply to trade. He got a good deal, 4 sheets of 1/2' for the 4 of the 1/4". It was a good deal for me too. I got what I needed to do the mods on the boat. We got to chatting about boat stuff and before I knew it an hour had flown by! I guess that's to be expected when two boat builder guys get together. Anyhow, thanks Burton.

Getting the plywood home and unloaded it was time to load up the trailer with the scraps from the kit parts plus the junk wood that's been kicking around the shed. I've tripped over the stuff a dozen times so it had to go. The mahogany and MDF scraps weren't on the pile 2 mins and a picker was there looking it over! ;-) Told him there'd be more later on if he wants to check with me later.

When I got that done I started pondering. I have to duplicate Frame E so I laid it out on the table to see what it looks like. This is the widest frame at almost 10'

Laid out like that this boat is going to be huge! There won't be a whole lotta room to move around in the shed once it's on the strongback. That worries me a bit but I'll have to live with it.

Next I looked at the cabin side and how I'm going to handle the extension. It would have been nice to get the panels without the windows cut. It would have been easier to splice in the 39" extension. Anyhow, the windows are cut so I'll deal with it later. I get the feeling Mr. Planer, Mr. Grinder and Mr. Belt Sander are going to be my best friends on this project.

That's about it for today's boat building activities folks. I'm knackered, pooped, scroodled and pretty much toast! Carry on......