Sunday, May 1, 2011

Making a lil' headway now

Moved the two sides of the cabin top outside.

They'll stay here till next summer I'm guessing. They'll be wrapped up neatly in the tarp to keep them dry and safe.

Moved onto the bulwarks. These are pretty simple joins so I did both sides at once. First time I've done that. We'll see how they turn out.

When the bulwarks are done I'll start on the bottom and side panels. That'll take a bit of forethought to juggling the parts once they're assembled.

That's it for now. Shower then off to the Flea Market to see what treasures I can find. ;-)


  1. I'm looking forward to when you assemble all those parts. I hope you were good at puzzles as a kid. :)

  2. I hope so too P&D! ;-) If I'm not this has been a tremendous waste of time & money! *lol*

    Thnx for looking in.