Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Hopefully we learned something

with this last project. What we have here is a failure.

Cause is likely not 'nuff epoxy and/or the plywood sucked up more than I thought it would and left the glass dry. Not exactly sure what we'll do with it, scrape it off or what. We had to move on and will deal with that later.

Flipping the whole panel was a bit of a chore but we got it done. It's almost exactly 10' wide by 10' high at this point.

This time we used a much lighter fiberglass (1708). I precoated the plywood with epoxy and let it sit for a good 10-15 mins. Then we saturated the heck out of it. Laying on the peel ply allowed us to see any dry spots and there weren't many. Squeegeeing the peel ply from the center outwards we had some epoxy dripping off the edges which is good so I'm told.

Here you can see the fiberglassed panel with the peelply over top. Not a bubble in sight.

I apologize for the crappy picture but my iPhone couldn't get in any closer.

It was fairly warm in the shed and this part kicked off and hardened really quick. In the photo above you can see the peelply pulled back exposing the freshly fiberglassed panel. Flawless! ;-)

We're out of epoxy right now so just waiting for supplies to arrive before we jump back in and finish some other frames. Standby....


  1. Very cool. I'm having fun watching this come together.

  2. Great to see you getting into it, you will get the problems sorted, well done!