Monday, June 6, 2011

I guess you could say

I've reached 'nuther milestone. All the long panels are glued and taped. That was a lot of grunt work lemme tell ya! Working in a tight space like that isn't all that pleasurable. It's going to get a lot tighter too!

Keel bottom taped & glued.

Once the long panels were out of the way I could start sorting out the bulkheads. Ahhhhh yet 'nuther puzzle to be solved! *sigh*

There's lots lil' pieces and only one is missing. I checked the nested drawing and it's not there so I'm assuming it didn't get cut. No biggie. I'll get to spend some time with my trusty ole' jig saw!

And my favorite. This is the bulkhead immediately behind the steering position.

I have a bit of a dilemma though. Do I assemble all the bulkheads before assembling the strongback or do I do them after? If I do them now they'll be in the way and I foresee having to move them a half dozen times or so. If I wait till later I won't have the long table and will likely have to work on the driveway again! *sigh*

Standby, gotta figure this one out.......

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