Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Tardiness is next to

being pretty lazy I guess. Haven't had much of a chance to get around to updating this blog so here goes.

It was a pretty productive weekend in the ole' boat shed. I managed to get laid up and glued three of the four large bulkheads.

Here you can see Freame C and F. Frame C goes between the v-berth and the head. Frame F goes directly behind the helm seats. Way in the back is Frame E which forms the main bulkhead between the fwd section and the main cabin directly under the wind screens.

Another view of Frame C getting glued up.

A lil' package arrived on Saturday. Lots of shiny stuff. I like shiny stuff! ;-)

Once I got done fondling the shiny stuff I turned my attention to something else that's been bugging me. Mr. Yanmar makes a pretty fugly control panel. I designed and had cut my own electrical panel last year and I'd like to do the same for the engine control panel.

So I sat down with the ole' drawing tools (from college over 30 yrs ago) and went old school. I then transferred the dimensions into the CAD program supplied by FrontPanelExpress.com

I used FP Express last year to design the electrical panel.

The engine control panel will be a little trickier. The gauges are deep (11mm) so a spacer has to be cut as well as a backing plate to hold the gauges in. They're normally kept in place by a bezel on the front. Most modern gauges mount from the back. We'll see how pricey this lil' project gets.

Tomorrow night we try fiberglassing a fairly large section of Frame E with the Vectorply. The Admiral is mixing the sticky stuff. That aught to be fun! ;-)