Thursday, September 15, 2011

Dump ducks and

some light duties in the boat shed tonight.

Stopped at Subway for meatball sub tonight. Decided to sit down by the water and enjoy it and who shows up? A Dump Duck! Lori will tell you I have no likening of these foul birds.

So along with the cat paw prints on the hood of the Jeep I now have webbed dump duck prints too! *sigh*

One of the fella's on the boat building bulletin boards suggested I use two barrels and a plank to help prevent the lil' accident I had last week. For some reason I don't see how using two buckets is gonna help! ;-)

You know what I always say? "Safety First!" Ayup, that's what I always say! ;-) I'm thinkin' this will help me keep to that! It's nice and light and just the right size for working under the hull. I'm sure Lori will approve!

One of the butt joints on the side panels broke when I bent it around the forward forms so tonight I ground the fiberglass off of it and reglassed and glued it.

Once this is set up I'll get back to stitching panels together. I hope to get the transom and the bow bent into shape and stitched this weekend if my wrist cooperates.

That's it for now. Tomorrow is the last car club meet of the year so there won't be any boat building stuff posted till Saturday. Standby.