Sunday, September 4, 2011

There's two sides to every story

just as there are two sides to every boat! :-)

With some help from Timmy and my Brother and Lori we wrestled the second side panel up into place. It had to be dragged out of the shed, flipped then brought back in and lifted into place. It took me a couple hours doing it on the other side by myself and only 5 mins with helpers! Doh! Anywho, it's up now. I'll spend some time tomorrow getting all the panels lined up for stitching. It's back to work on Tuesday (*Sigh*) so things will likely slow down a bit in the boat building arena.

This morning when I was clearing obstacles in the shed prior to moving the panels a storm decided to whip through Iroquois. I thought a freight train was roaring though the shed.

It doesn't show it too well on the video but the shed moves around a lot in a wind.