Thursday, September 8, 2011

My own signature line says

"It's not a boat you've built till you've sworn at it, sweated over it, bled on it and cried beside it!" I made that up and use it on most of the boat building forms I post to.

Well tonight I added a bit more blood to the project.

I don't think it's broken. Just scraped up and swollen. Hurts like hell. Also banged my head and bit my tongue! Doh!

Safety Notice: Five Gallon Plastic Pails are no substitute for a step ladder!

I was working in the "Belly of the Beast" about to drill a couple of holes for more plastic ties when I stepped on the pail and "Wooosh" away it went out from under me! What a Doofus!

Guess I'll take it easy for a day or so! Standby.....