Wednesday, July 17, 2013

49 C or 120 F

No matter how you measure it that's "Freakin' Hot!" Throw in a little humidity and you've got a steam cooker!

The last time I noticed the thermometer in the shed was Saturday. The telltale read 47 C as the highest it's ever been in there. This morning I noticed that's changed to 49 C (120 F). That had to have happened yesterday.

I was hoping to get something done today but in that heat, nope! Five minutes in and I was wringing wet!

You can't really see it very well in these pics but right below the sanding block there's a seam where two plywood sheets were joined. When I bent the panels around the forms this particular seam bent. It didn't break just deformed a bit. I didn't think it would be that much of an issue but every time I walked by it it bugged me.

This defect is large enough that it'll look like a huge wart if I don't deal with it now. I've sanded it down as much as I dare and the only recourse left is to fill and feather it out.

You can just make out the high spot in the center where there's no filler. This got machine and block sanded to feather the edges down and smooth the curve.

This is looking straight on at the repair. The high spot is in the center. You can see the edges of the multiple layers of fill that were added and sanded to build up the area. The long block sander knocks it down quick and I'm left with a very nice smooth curve to the hull now. It took some muscle and patience but I think it's going to be Ok.

I should have my new passport in a week or so then I can go retrieve the 30 gallons of epoxy that's waiting for me in Ogdensburg. If we get a break in the heat it'll be fiberglassin' time again! Wohoo!

The plan is to get the hull ready to be flipped first thing in the spring. If I can do that I'll be happy. We'll likely hire a crane to flip the hull. I want to not only flip it over but turn it 180 degs and put it back in the shed bow in. This will give me much better access to the inside of the hull when it comes time to put the engine in.

Stay cool & Standby.