Saturday, July 20, 2013

So while waiting

While waiting for supplies and the weather to begin to cooperate I tinkered together another project. This time a 'Kitty Porch' for the indoor gooches to hang out and get some air.

Poor ole' Momma cat can't go out (she's virtually feral and won't come back in) so she's gotten overly fluffy and suffers a lot in the heat so I built her this 'Kitty Porch' for her to blow some of the stink off and get a little relief from the heat.

I had some offcuts of marine plywood from the boat panels to use and spent another $18 on a dowel, 2.3 and some screen.

So far Shadow is the one who's most taken to it. The others have investigated and aren't quite sure what to think of it yet.

I've used Thompson's Water Seal on it and will likely paint it this fall when I take it down for the winter.

Picking up our order of 30 gallons of epoxy and 45 yds of fiberglass. Back to boat building stuff soon! Standby.....