Friday, July 26, 2013

One more down, two to go!

4 hrs. 1.75 gallons of epoxy, 9 yards of 12 oz fiberglass, one roller handle, one roller sleeve and 6 pairs of nitril gloves. Sorry no pics of the keel. I'll spare you that one. Just look back at previous posts and you'll see the keel. Looks the same just more layers on it!  :-)

I did pop the cherry on my new 6" air sander!

I couldn't wait to get another one. Took a chance on the Lowes brand (Kobalt) and based on the few reviews on their site it seemed like it would be ok. First impressions is it's very much like my old one. I'll try not to abuse this one too much!  ;-)

The next layer will cover the entire hull. I'll definitely need to find some extra hands for that one. It'll be an all day marathon. I think 4 guys and myself would be ideal. One mixing, one rolling, one squeegeeing and one runner. Anybody interested in helping out? Free Tyvel shirts & nitril gloves. Did I mention I have cold beer and Smokie Sausages?