Saturday, July 27, 2013

Another TW28 Launched....

In the Netherlands. Stoere Meid.

Almost exactly 3 years from start to finish. The builder/owner Allard has done a fine job and painted her in traditional Dutch canal barge colors. A short video of the launch.

Well done Allard! Congratulations on a fine result of all your hard work. She'll carry you on many splendid adventures!

Today's task was to sand down the fabric edges of the 12 oz fiberglass I laid on the keel yesterday. This job usually takes me a couple of hours. I started out with my new 6" air powered RO sander. It's ok, not as gutsy as the old one but gets the job done. Heavier grid sandpaper bogs it down a bit and it uses more air per minute than the old one so I have to stop about every five minutes or so and let the air build back up.

It was 85 F in the shed and it's usually 5 or 10 degs warmer up on the boat. Five mins of sanding and I was soaked so I moved Big BJ up on top of the boat and got some more air moving. Keeping it aimed at me helps keep cool and keeps the sanding dust down as well. Don't know why I didn't think of this before! Duh!

I wish I had more hands and could lay more than one layer at a time. Working wet on wet is the ideal situation but not when you work alone on a boat his size. All it means is more sanding to cut into the surface of the new epoxy so the next layer has something to grab onto. I've b*tched a bit about the amount of epoxy I'm going through and this is where a lot of it ends up.

Kinda looks like it snowed in the shed over night! *lol* That's the results of about 10 minutes with the 7" sander feathering out the fabric edges. But on a brighter note I am getting closer to finishing the hull and that keeps me going. That and seeing others launch their TW28's. Mine is a little longer and will actually end up at 31' 5" long so I think I'll refer to it as a TW315!  :-)

Today's special Boat Shed Tune is.....

More sandinsanity this afternoon. Standby....