Monday, July 29, 2013

A real love/hate relationship

That's pretty much what I have when it comes to AC electrics. I've never been comfortable working with it. To date I've run my boat shed off of the regular outlets from the house. Until today that's worked pretty good. Then this happened.

This was the 20 Amp feed from my basement panel that I installed for my Lincoln welder. The only thing plugged into it was the air compressor and the small electric fan in the gable end of the shed. I wouldn't think that the startup draw from the compressor and a $10 fan would cause a melt down like this. There was smoke & flames jumping out of it till I managed to grab hold of the extension cord and yank it out. Had to go in and change my drawers.

The weather's turned nasty again, electrical storms in the area. I'm not tempting fate and called it a day to hide out in the basement with the cats! We've got a small leak in the roof that's causing some problems so got a roof repair guy coming today to have a look, if it stops raining that is.

Today's Boatshed tune is.....

Anyone noticing a pattern here with the Boatshed tunes?