Thursday, August 1, 2013

Another marathon session

with epoxy & fiberglass. 8 Hours, 3 1/2 gallons of epoxy, 24 yds of 12 oz 0/90 biaxial fiberglass, two roller sleeves, 6 pairs of nitril gloves and a few energy drinks!

I laid out the fiberglass yesterday but knew I'd need more time than I had left to get it done so I put it off till today. Had a helper lined up but he didn't show so I had to go ahead on my own.

Just a cool close up! You can see the orientation of the fiberglass.

I started from the bow and worked my way back. Using the step ladder instead of going up on top. Switching from side to side to keep two fronts as I worked my way aft. It's pretty easy to keep the fiberglass oriented properly as you go. I took my time and worked at a steady pace, rolling and squeegeeing as I went. Moving the step ladder from one side to the other was a PITA! ;-)

I'll cut out the bow thruster holes later. The final layer will get laid into the thruster tunnel and there's some work that needs to be done before I can do that. There's still two more layers to go on the keel, one on the bottom and two on the sides. I think I'll jump to the keel next followed by the sides. The final layer is only 10 oz satin weave fiberglass and that's the layer that needs the most care & attention.

The Project Manager was in barking orders. I think he was sayin' somethin' about 'Hurry The Hell Up and Get It Done!" or something to that affect.

Tomorrow more sanding, if it's cured hard, kinda cool and raining out. Likely lay out the last structural layer for the keel.

I epoxied my t-shirt to my belly and had to use Lori's white vinegar to get it off. If she wants french fries she'll have to go out to the shed to get her vinegar! :-) I really need a shower I smell like french fries and it's making me hungry! *lol*