Friday, August 9, 2013

I learned a few things today

1. You don't rest an air sander on your knee,
2. You especially don't do it when it's still spinning,
3. You really especially don't do it when you're wearing shorts, and
4. Epoxy sanding dust makes a good blood coagulant! :-(

I think 6 hrs is about my limit for this manual labor crap! *lol* I decided to keep my feet on the ground today and do what I could from there. Gives the ole' legs a chance to rest. I managed to get the transom and 4/5 ths of the port side sanded.

Thank Gawd the sides were a lot easier to sand than the bottom panels. I don't know why, maybe because the binding threads were standing up more or something. The block sander takes a lot of muscle to make it work effectively and you can really tell when the sandpaper isn't cutting anymore it slips and slides all over the place. I think I used three strips of 80 grit going down the transom and whole side. It's now smooth as a baby's tuckas!

At the rate I'm going I figure I still have 3 full days of sandinsanity ahead before I can lay out the last two layers on the keel and one on the sides. It's getting there, slowly but it's still progress in the right direction.

Here's the lil' home movie I was working on yesterday. Just trying to illustrate the amount of effort involved in cleaning up 1 sq ft of glass in prep for the next layer to go on top. It's quite a bit of physical effort and my arms feel like lead after 6 hrs of this.

Today's Vid from the Big Blue Boat Shed (BBBS) is a veritable feast for the eyes (Simone Simons is pretty hot!) and the ears! Music in the boat shed is very important, to me anyways. I have a very diverse taste in music and Daniel turned me onto this band. Quite amazing if you ask me! :-) You're definitely not going to here this on BobFM or Chez! Loosers!  ;-)

Stay tuned. More sandinsanity tomorrow!


  1. Why don't you have a electric sander too instead of using a block??

    That's some pretty hard metal music you have play'n for a O'l man!!

    I've been reading your blog since Drift Away listed it on there blog-- Nice reading... Looking forward to the finished product!!

  2. I do have electric sanders and use those as well. Actually my little 1/4 sheet el cheapo sander does a very nice job. I find the block sander removes much more material more efficiently. It takes some elbow grease but I got lots of that to spare.

    I like a lot of progressive rock. Always have. Guess it was meant to be growing up listening to bands like Rush, Triumph, Prism, Led Zeppelin, Cream, Deep Purple etc. The new stuff is pretty good too! :-)

    Thanks for looking in. I appreciate the feedback. It helps with keeping the interest in the project up. Check back often.