Saturday, August 17, 2013

What's Bluer than Blue?

Super Blue!

Ok, these pics aren't blue because I used my iPhone. They're blue because I tinted the epoxy blue!

Why would I do that you may ask? Well I was working on a recipe for a light filler to pre-coat the hull before I lay on the next layer of fiberglass. The underlying glass, 12 oz biax, leaves a pretty deep void in the weave. I believe this is what caused the bubbles on the transom. I don't want any bubbles on the sides so I decided to try to fill the weave first. I mixed up two batches w/o tint and couldn't really see if it was working. The light in the shed is really low contrast. So the next batch I tinted it blue and could see that my third recipe works well.

This will get a light sanding prior to applying the next layer of 10 oz satin weave fiberglass. Likely sometime next week. Temps are on the rise again and I only have medium hardener so not taking any chances. Till then there'll be some sanding and fairing going on. Standby.....

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