Monday, August 5, 2013

Mission Sandinsanity Continues

This mornings task was to continue the sanding from where I left off yesterday. The 12 oz fiberglass leaves a pretty prominent and hard edge that has to be sanded smooth for a couple of reasons. First is to prevent voids appearing when the new glass bridges over the edge of the older glass and second is to prevent tearing up the new glass on sharp 'fiber fangs' that stick up everywhere. Besides catching the glass and pulling it apart the 'fiber fangs' will draw blood at every chance they get!

It took me almost 3 hrs to work my way down the port side form where I left off. It was tough slogging again but I stuck to it and got it done. Here I am just a little over half way down the side. You get a sense of how big this pig is!

I tried my hand at making another boat shed video. It's all about Sandinsanity and should illustrate exactly what I meant when I made up that word!  ;-) Don't worry, it's not 3 hrs long! I condensed it into 7 1/2 minutes!

Once the sandinsanity had ended I took a lil' lunch break and then hung the 12 oz 0/90 fiberglass on the sides.

It took one whole roll, 25 yards, to completely encircle the boat sides! :-) I forgot to weigh it but it'll likely take 4 gallons of epoxy to completely wet it out. I'll be out trying to rally some troops to help out with that lil' task tomorrow. Standby.....