Monday, July 18, 2011

All that drama and

worry for nuttin'! Pulled the clamps and ratchet straps off the transom tonight and walla! It only sprung back about 3/4" on each side.

I guess that's good 'nuff for the girls I go with! ;-)

Lori, Robert (my good neighbor) and I move the roof panels in and laid them on the long table. The next task is to join the two halves and glass the underside. Then it'll have to be put back outside. All 16' 4" x 8' of it! *shudder*

The whole time we were well supervised by the Project Manager (aka Lazy Lard Butt Ring Tail Tabby Cat!).

Hotter 'n hell so I'm on my last drop of Cap'n Morgan's Private Stock Daniel got me for Father's day. *sob* It normally takes me a couple years to kill a bottle but this is smooooooooooooth stuff! ;-)

It was so hot today my blood test this morning showed high concentrations of Cap'n Morgan's and Coke on ice instead of blood sugar! ;-)

That's it for now.