Saturday, July 23, 2011

Waiting is the worst part

Almost noon and no call from Ray and Carlos. Oh well, not like they're the first fender kickers to never call back.

Puttered around in the shed this morning before it heated up. I sanded all the taped seams and wiped them down in prep for the fiberglassing that'll eventually happen.

Before I got too far the Project Manager stepped in to have a look. By the look on his puss I gather he wasn't too amused.

I guess I'll just have to step up my game a notch or two meet his usual high standards. Meanwhile the CEO was lounging on the front veranda getting a belly scratchy.

I think you can see now why we call that belly "The Golden Fleece!" ;-) What a life eh?

So back to the boat shed.

This is the underside of the main cabin roof. It's not a cosmetic part so I didn't take much care in prepping the plywood or the glass. The outer sections are 1708 biaxial fiberglass and the center strip is some of the 33 oz Vectorply I have. I needed to get it used up somewhere so I thought a nice strong strip down the center of the roof would be ok. It adds some weight up top but not that much. We don't have 'nuff epoxy on hand to do this piece (about 2 gallons) and almost 15 sq/yds so we're waiting for Ray and Carlos to drop a wad of cash in our mitts soon.

If they don't call soon we're goin' for a boat ride and cool off! Stay tuned.....