Saturday, July 2, 2011

Just suck it up

and forge ahead. This mornings session in the Big Blue Boat Shed went a little better. I made sure the epoxy & hardener reservoirs were filled and used a mixing nozzle to help speed things along.

I've read some reviews of these rollers and they sounded too good to be true so I just had to find out for myself.

They're Bestt Liebco Tru-Pro Frieze and I got them online. I'd have to say they lived up to their claims and made a significant improvement in getting the fiberglass wetted out quickly and efficiently. Conservatively I'd say I used 1/3 less epoxy than the other side of this panel. Same size and weight of fiberglass. That's nothing to sneer at! ;-) The little nubbies work well at distributing the epoxy efficiently. It was easy to pick up little puddles and move them around where needed. Definitely worth the investment.

So far the panels looks damn near perfect.

We'll see how well we did tomorrow when I take the peel ply off. Standby....