Wednesday, July 13, 2011

I just couldn't leave it alone

for any length of time. There's a few things that were bugging me and I just have to figure them out or it'll drive me nuts. The first is the transom mold. As far as I can tell this is the first TW28 assembled from a first generation CnC kit. There's a few bugs in the kit and the transom mold is one I think.

Frame I supplied, which is defines the shape of the hull, is cut like most of the others as an outline of the hull shape. This doesn't leave anything in the center to attach the other mold parts to it.

It would have been much easier if Frame I had been supplied as a whole piece (or two) so that the mold braces could be easily attached. I know there's plus's and minus's to doing it that way, such as gaining access to the inside when stitching the hull together etc. Anyhow, you just do what you can and move on. If I stopped and dwelled on every lil' hiccup I'd never get anything done.

This is what the assembled strongback will look like.

You can see where the transom mold goes. One down and 8 more to assemble.