Monday, July 25, 2011

More of the same

fender kickers looking for a free boat ride. *sigh* Oh well, can't dwell on that. We'll likely use the ole' boat this summer.

Yesterday we took a trip to Watertown NY to check out Harbor Freight Tools. I've heard a lot of guys rave about this place, which is much like our own Princess Auto, reasonably priced tools & accessories (albeit a lesser quality too). But for a one-off boat build I'm not investing $1k in an orbital sander I'll use once. So back to Harbor Freight Tools, nice store, crowded. Quality is the same as Princess. Prices are decent for the quality you get. Will I go back? Maybe, there's one thing I need that they carry but that's about it.

The highlight of the trip, other than the Jack Daniel's Burger at TGI Friday's was this.....

The Real Sarge! ;-)

Now that's a real Jeep. The rest, including ours, are just imitations!

As to boat building, well just watching the US dollar and trying to decide when to buy the next batch of epoxy. Likely 15 gallons this time. We burned through the last six gallon kit I got in under two weeks. I don't want to buy too much and have it sitting around all winter.