Monday, September 24, 2012

A little whine with my cheese please

Bit of a frustrating day. The designer specifies two layers of fabric for the keel. The first layer has the fibers oriented in a 45/45 degree pattern. The most common biaxial fabric. The second layer has the fibers oriented in a 0/90 degree pattern. When laid over top of each other you have fibers oriented in 8 directions for maximum strength through the entire laminate.

Here you can see the end of the roll of fabric. The fibers are oriented at 45 deg angles to the long axis of the cloth.

Now the problem comes from the fact I specifically ordered 0/90 for this particular roll and was sent 45/45. *sigh* I didn't check the package when it arrived, about 6 months ago and was bought specifically for the keel. *double sigh* My own dumbass mistake.

In order to get past this lil' screw up I had to lay the second layer of cloth over the first at 45 deg angles. Not really a big deal just a lot more work. I didn't grab any pics 'cause I was a lil' cheesed off hence my whine. I'll get some pics tomorrow if I decide to go up on the boat and start epoxying all this together.

So ends the whine! Now for some brie please!