Tuesday, September 25, 2012

These friggin' guys

on the Internet make it look easy! Like hell! Six hours on top of the boat today and I only got one half of the keel epoxied. Up and down, up and down! I feel like I've been rode hard and put away wet! ;-)

I had a hard time getting the heavy fabric to lay over the curves and ended up with some bridging. I'll sand those out and fill them. I don't suspect it'll affect the structure at all. I just don't want any voids in the laminates. My second gaff was having to change epoxy brands mid way! I thought I'd have enough of the old stuff in the metering pump to get the job done! NOT! This monster sucks up epoxy like a drunken sailor with a keg 'o swish! I figure I used three full gallons on just the bottom and one side of the keel. That equated into about two dozen trips up and down the ladder to mix epoxy. *sigh* At least my bum knee is getting a good workout.

I don't think I'll tackle the rest tomorrow. Taking some friends out for brunch so that'll screw most of the day and I intend to goof off the rest of the day. It'll mean a couple hour sanding session before I can get the rest of the layers on. Oh well. That's the best I can do working alone.

Had a Close Encounter of the Third Kind the other day! :-)

Stay tuned!