Saturday, September 8, 2012

Boy is it windy out there today!

Winds were gusting to 65 km/hr this morning. I was just about to climb back up on the boat for another session of seam sanding when a gust blew this section off the roof of the shed!

That's funny 'cause I don't remember building in a skylight! ;-) This is gonna be a PITA to fix but it's gotta be done. The inner liner of Tyvek will protect the shed from rain for awhile.

When the weather lets up I'll have to get some help and get this patched up. We've tried taping rips in the shrink wrap and they don't hold. I'm going to have to put another layer on and use some battens to hold them in place.

In hind sight the shrink wrap wasn't the best choice for a shed covering. It was the cheapest option at the time and I'm paying for that now.