Saturday, September 22, 2012

Working at a leisurely pace

suits me me thinks!

Well on my first day of "retirement" I wandered out to the shed after my morning coffee and started to roll out the long fabrics to laminate the hull.

This is the first layer of 1708 biaxial fabric to go on the keel. It gets trimmed and the other side done the same. Then a second layer 1208 will be added. The orientation of the fibers in the two different weight fabrics will give the strongest solution. A final top layer of 10 oz plain weave fabric will help with the cosmetics.

I puttered away for about 3 hrs or so then headed in for lunch. After lunch my "get up and go" got up and went so I made a command decision and had a lil' nappy! :-) We went out for dinner last night to celebrate the end of almost 20 yrs of carpooling with our former carpoolers and wives. It was a great time and we enjoyed it immensely. Thanks to Greg & Tim for picking up the tab. When it's your turn we'll do the same.

Anywho, more laying out fabrics, which is tricky up on top of the boat and some trimming then it'll all be ready to get glued down.