Monday, April 7, 2014

Double digit temps

Thermometer hit 12 Dec C today. That's pretty nice and long overdue. I've been able to get into the boat shed via the front door but not the side. This is what I was faced with today.

That's nearly 5+ feet of snow and ice piled up on the north side of the shed. Being on the north side it doesn't get any direct sunlight so it's a slow melt.

The snow was about 2 feet higher a week ago. Here it is piled up between the garden shed and the boat shed.

The view from inside the shed. I prayed to Gawd that I didn't drop my keys while I was fumbling with the padlock! :-)

Didn't want to try to run water on it to help speed up the melting, the shed floor is soaked already so I turned to the big fan to keep air moving over it. It actually worked really well. The lower 3 feet or so is solid ice.

After three hours or so of fan and chopping I got a couple of feet cleared from the shed door. Tomorrow I should be able to clear the rest and get the garden shed open so I can hook up the air compressor etc. then we'll be back in action.

The Project Manager even showed up to put his paw of approval on the workings! Here he is putting on a tremendous burst of speed!

Standby and stay warm.....