Monday, April 21, 2014

Sandinsanity 2014 has begun

Well, back to it. Sandinsanity 2014 has officially begun! One of the last things I did last year was lay the last layer of glass on the keel. I hadn't put a sander to it at all so that's where I started today.
All the fabric edges are fairly pronounced on this heavy glass (1708) so they all need a good sanding to smooth them out prior to fairing. The entire surface has to be sanded as well to give the fairing compound something to bite into.

The whole time I was left unsupervised. The Project Manager and Project Director instead soaking up sunbeams on the back porch! What a life!
Reminds me of my days in Gubment with two supervisors watchin' one poor schmuck actually working! :-)

My imitation of 'The Fly'! :-)
At least I wasn't itchy after two hrs of sanding!

It's been a long saga the tale of the Flexicat sanding thingies. I ordered them last October 10th. They still haven't arrived. Last email I got they were being shipped from EU to the US on April 17th. No word as to whether this has actually happened yet. I try not to bug them too much. I'll give them another week or so then send another email. I sure hope they get here soon I'll be needing them and really looking to see how well they work. Hoping they were a good investment.