Monday, April 14, 2014

Found some things, lost some things

Temps have risen to the 20 C mark today so back out to the shed for some puttering & cleaning up. Ground is still soaked! I lost a box of Raptor Nails and found them then figured out I've lost the slide thingy for the Raptor nailer! *sigh* Found my air chuck to fill my bicycle tires and then immediately lost it! *sigh*

The Project Manager was there barking orders to 'Get To It Pronto!" So I had to lure him away with the offer of treats. He left me alone after that!

Last year I had a problem with moisture in the air feed from the compressor. I bought two of those small moisture trap thingies, one from Canadian Tire for $30 and it failed first time I tried to drain it. Took it back and bought another one at Lowes for $9. It was identical to the first. It failed first time I tried to drain it. So I figure I got nothing to loose and drilled out the drain and tapped it with a 1/4" NPT thread to which I added a small ball valve. It now works perfectly!

I bought a Mastercraft oscillating tool last year. It works pretty good. Made the mistake of leaving it on the charger all winter in the shed. Battery's pooched so off to Canadian Tire to try to get a replacement. I have a feeling it'll likely be cheaper to buy a whole new unit than just a replacement battery.

Still waiting on my Flexi-cat tools to be shipped. Been in touch with the distributor and they still haven't received any from the factory in Europe. It's been almost 6 months now. I'd hate to be relying on the supply of this one product for my living. The distributor wanted to refund my money but I've hung in this long might as well ride it out.