Monday, April 28, 2014

Today's mission, should you choose to accept it

is to get some mud on the hull and see just how far this Quickfair stuff is gonna go!

Hmmmm? Well I had about a half gallon of QF left over from last year. After scraping the grungies off the top of the hardener I still figure I was close to a half gallon of goo or poo or bog or whatever you want to call it. Mixed some up. Here's how I do it.

I use a digital postal scale set to metric (grams) The mixing ratio of resin to hardener for QF is 100:44 by weight so it's pretty easy.

A dollop of greyish/brown poo (approx. 100 grams)
Add to that a dollop of white poo (approx. 44 grams)
Mix well till you get a uniform color of poo
Then spread the poo on as thin as you can get it (easier said than done when you have carpal tunnel syndrome in both hands)
The area covered above represents about 20% of the bottom area. That'll mean at least 2-1/2 gallons to do the whole bottom and keel. *Sigh* Looks like I'll be online shopping for another 3 gallons of QF soon as I won't have enough left to do the sides and transom. Dammit Janet!

On another note the wife and I took a lil' trip to Harbor Freight tools in Watertown NY yesterday. I think the idea was to use up some coupons she had for HFT and get the ole' fart (me) something for Father's day. Some of the interesting things we found were:
  1. 2500 lb electric winch with wireless remote $49
  2. Dual color security camera with 5" monitor $64 (for my Dad for Father's day)
  3. 5 gal Air Pig $22
On top of that they had a few freebies etc. One of the neat things I got, or at least I thought it was neat and would save me some back aches is this lil' jewel. It extends out to about 30".

A well spent $4.99 I think! Already used it a few times and works great.

I haven't cracked open the new jugs of QF yet. I'll save that for tomorrow after what's on there now kicks off and hardens up. Right now I have to dust off my CAD skills and draw up a skeg to take to the machine shop for an estimate. That's gonna be a lil' spendy I think!

Project Manager mulling over attacking a leaf. He's not much help!  :-)
Later gators.