Saturday, May 24, 2014

A bit of a diversion

Goofing off yesterday only meant that today it was back into the shed for more sanding. I did put some good mileage on the Flexicats today. I sanded down the entire starboard side, approx. 140 sq. ft. It took me awhile, 2-1/2 hrs with frequent breaks but I got through it. It is getting a little easier if you can believe that! ;-)

My buddy Peter suggested using the GoPro on the boat hook to get some sky view pics of the 'beached whale'. Dunno why that never occurred to me! Duh!

The wide angle of the GoPro distorts the perspective. It looks shorter than it actually is. The shed itself is 32' long and the bow stick out the front end of the shed about a foot.

You can see the whole length of the boat in this shot but again the distortion makes it look like a fat beached whale (which it is). ;-)

Anyhow, just thought I'd show you those before I got back to work on the boat. Diversion over. Back at it. Ohhhhhhh the pain!


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