Friday, May 23, 2014

Took the day off............

.......... and went for a boat ride!  :-)

My buddy Peter invited me to come for the day and enjoy a ride on his boat the M/V Turtle Bay. Today was spring launch day and I arrived just as they were approaching the launch ramp. Stupid me pulled out my camera to take a pic and DOH! I forgot the SD memory card at home. A quick trip to Wally World to get a card was successful but the boat was in the water and secured to the wharf when I got back. :-(

Oh well, we loaded up and headed off. Made it about 50' from the dock when the steering kinda seized up. Looking around and under and behind there wasn't any obvious reason for this to happen. It's a Teleflex cable system designed for large boats and is virtually brand new. After much persuasion it eventually worked its way loose enough for us to get underway towards Turtle Bay's summer home.

I brought the GoPro along to take some pics and get some video of Turtle Bay in action as well as some underwater footage of her 'Bo Truster' Peter designed, engineered and installed last year. Enjoy the short movie. I apologize for the crappy sound I had the camera in the water tight housing.

Thanks again to Peter & Nathalie for the invite, lunch and especially the ride on the boat! I hope to return the favor someday (soon, like Peter said, next summer! Hah, yeah right).