Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Flexicat's, not Flexy Cats

The saga of the Flexicat's have been a long and drawn out drama. I originally ordered the 22" fairing compound application tool and a 33" sander in October of last year. Reviews of these tools on the Interwebs rave at their ease of use and effectiveness. I was sold. There being only one North American distributor I placed my order. Weeks and then months went by and the order had not yet been filled. I opened a dialogue via email with the distributor and discovered the problem filling the order originates with the manufacturer in Europe. Long story short the US distributor offered to lend me two of their demo units. Those are what arrived today with deeply deeply discounted rolls of sandpaper!

Today we'll see how they work!

I also picked up a GoPro head strap thingy so I'll have both hands free. We'll try that today too and see if it works.


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