Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Another Serious WTF

Got the keel blocked up yesterday and the cross bracing/form out of the way today. I had to bodge together a set of steps to get into and out of the boat this morning. Decided to take a pause to reflect on my handiwork and had another one of those WTF have I gotten myself into moments.
Sitting pretty much where the head will be. A likely spot for a respite from the rigors of boat building! :-)  I corrected these photos for fisheye and it makes the hull look longer and narrower than it really is.
Approx. location of the helm position. I think the deck will be about 20" higher once it's installed.
I think where I'm standing above is Station H which is the aft bulkhead for the main cabin. Everything aft of that is cockpit.

Had to call it quits for today. Got errands to run etc. Back at it tomorrow. I have a date with my belt sander!

Thanks for looking in.