Friday, September 19, 2014

Let the Sandinsanity begin

and the dust fly (again). Moved inside the boat to start cleaning up the seams etc. They all have to be sanded smooth to get them ready for fillets & tape. I used pretty much every sander in my repertoire and my electric hand planer as well! :-)
Didn't take long to fill the boat with dust to the point I couldn't see what I was doing. Up and out again to fetch R2D2. This poor old shop vac has been with me for almost 30 years. It's seen duty from sanding car paint off of a bedroom wall (tenants *sigh*) to evacuating backed up toilets and now it's being pressed into service for the first time on the boat.
Just before lunch break I stopped sanding and laid back to look at the shed roof trying to figure out how we're going to recover it tomorrow. It was so peaceful and quiet and relaxing I fell asleep! :-)
One just has to stop and admire their own handiwork every once in awhile!

More Sandinsanity to come.


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